4 Tips To Maintain Delicately Expensive Clothes

Having a diverse wardrobe with a dress for every occasion is a notable accomplishment. However, owning two-hundred dresses means you’re not fully utilizing your wardrobe’s potential. People often tend to get in the habit of repeating specific clothing items (mostly clothes that are in front of their closets).
Other dresses catch dust and lose their shine at the back of your closet and all you do is sit and wait.
To save you from moth-eaten clothes, here are some tips to keep your expensive clothes clean and pristine.
clothing laundry

Pay attention to washing instruction

All the money that you’ve invested in looking and feeling great goes down the drain, the moment you throw your expensive dress in a washing machine.  Pay close attention to the washing requirement highlighted by the manufacturer.
If you’re not the person who hand-washes and line-dry his/her clothes, stop buying expensive clothes (which is quite impossible) or invest in dry cleaning. Ignoring the washing and care instruction can have a detrimental effect on your clothes. Expensive clothes are usually dry-clean only. Pay attention to the instruction tag.

Iron correctly

You might be burning your clothes in hope of restoring shine and luster of the fabric. Irons usually have heat recommendation for different fabrics. Follow instructions and be very careful with delicate clothing items. High levels of heat can leave a yellow mark on fabric like, silk and satin.
 Return to the safety of steamer

Steam ironing is a better and safer alternative for maintaining aesthetic appeal of your expensive clothes. Invest in a quality steamer to preserve the integrity of clothes, without burning or yellowing them.

Treat stains quickly cap sleeved shirt

Ignoring stains can leave a permanent mark on your clothes. Use a clean cloth to absorb the stain, then dab the satin with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid rubbing the stained area and if you’re not sure about the source of the stain, take it to a professional cleaner.
DIY hacks can leave discolored patch on your dress. Avoid experimenting with your dress and let a professional handle all stains and spills.
Lastly, store expensive clothes after dry-cleaning them. Secure clothes in fabric bags and make sure your closet has adequate ventilation. To avoid the musty-storage smell, keep scented blocks in your wardrobe.
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