4 Signs You Are Washing Your Clothes Too Often!

Growing up, we’re always told that we should keep our clothes clean. In fact, most of us have come across people who would wash and wear the same clothes multiple times through the week.

What we didn’t know was that we might be washing our clothes way too much. Here are some signs that you might be over washing your clothes:

 You Can See the Threads

Start with the fabric seams. Usually they appear to be uniform and finished when you turn the clothes inside out. However, if you pull the seam and see threads, it’s a sign that you are washing it too excessively.

Threads are very strong and the stitches too are reinforced. However, they tend to loosen due to excessive washing.

Your Clothes Are Losing Their Appearance

You might have heard people say that clothes lose their color and fade after repeated washings. If you notice this happening to your clothes, it’s a sign that you are washing them too often.

Clothes are expensive and you want them to last longer. That wouldn’t be possible if you wash them too much. In fact, there are certain clothing items that you don’t even need to wash that often-denim is a good example.

Tullia Jack, a PHD researcher at RMIT University even confirmed that. She asked thirty students to wear the same pair of jeans for at least five days of the weak without washing them. The research results showed that the jeans didn’t look dirty. Neither were they smelly.

Your Costs are Increasing

Have you noticed that you have been spending a lot of money on detergents? Maybe it’s because you’re using too much of it to wash clothes. In addition to that, you might have also noticed an increase in your water bills.