Why Are My Clothes Fading? Things You Should Know

We all have that favorite shirt that we flaunt every chance we get. But what do you do when it starts to fade over time, even though you think you were careful when washing it?

You might blame the laundry or the washing detergent, but there are several reasons that can cause even the brightest shirt to fade.

The most effective way to stop clothes from fading is to not wash them at all. But you probably know that that’s not a possibility. As an alternative, we’ve compiled a list of things to avoid to preserve your favorite garment.

Sun Exposure

Many people don’t realize that UV rays from the sun can cause the dyes in our clothing to break down. So if you’re air-drying your clothes, avoid letting them dry for long periods of time.


Different materials react differently to the presence of coarse cleaning agents. Some dyes are sensitive to even mild bleaches. This means that even a drop of chlorine bleach can turn into a faded spot on your dress.

Alcoholic Perfumes

When alcohol comes in contact with a material like acetate or silk, it leaves a permanent faded stain due to its dissolving properties. Perfumes and colognes can cause this reaction, since they contain a small amount of alcohol.

Water Sensitivity

Experts say that cold water is as effective as hot water when it comes to washing clothes. This is because detergents are far more sophisticated today.

Not only this, but you can also cut down on utility bills by laundering at the coldest temperature possible.

Washing clothes too regularly is another reason for fading, as it exposes them to friction, increasing the chances of wear and tear.

If your clothes are suffering from color fading, make sure to keep these precautions in mind before you go for your next laundry trip. You can also rely on a professional dry cleaning at 718-459-7770 in case you’re at the verge of losing all your favorite dresses.

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