To Dry Clean, or Not to Dry Clean?

It feels amazing every time you buy a new piece of clothing and wear it to an occasion or two.  But once you have fulfilled the purpose of flaunting the dress, you wonder how to clean all those stains that you accidentally got onto your new outfit. You may think of hand washing or dry cleaning them but listen up, not all fabrics are meant to be hand washed or “dry clean only”.

Here we’ve compiled all those types of clothing that should always be taken to a dry cleaner, and there is also a list of all those clothing items that really don’t need dry cleaning.

Clothing Pieces You Should Dry Clean

1. Embellished Clothing

This includes all of those clothing pieces that are adorned with intricate sequins, studs, or beads. Washing them right at home with your untrained hands will likely result in disaster.

2. Office/Wedding Suits

Dry cleaners know the trick to make your suits extra crisp after a good wash, and we’re afraid that it is a skill that amateurs don’t have a good grip on.

3. Silk Outfits

While some silk dresses can bear hand washing, the dark-hued ones easily stain other clothing items.

The best you can do on your own is to try cleaning stains with a wet paper towel, and if it leaves the color behind, take it to the cleaner.

4. Furs

You should always restraint washing furry clothes at home since it has the tendency to shrink and become dry when submerged in water.

Clothing Pieces You Should Not Dry Clean

1. Cotton or Linen

Simple and plain linen or cotton clothing can be washed at home in a washing machine. We suggest you to use cool water as hot or mild-hot water can result in color fading.

2. Cashmere or Minimal Hair Wool

Dry cleaning solvents are known for their harsh ingredients that can damage sensitive pieces of clothing. This is why it is advised to opt for a mild detergent when washing cashmere or wool clothes in a washing machine.

3. Denim

You don’t need to make a trip to your dry cleaner just to drop off your denim tees, jeans, or jackets when you can easily wash them right at home.

Simply soak them in lukewarm water with a color-protected detergent for half an hour or so, rinse in cool water, and let it dry.

4. Light-Colored Silks

Light-colored silks usually don’t bleed so you can easily wash them in any of the sinks of your house.

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