The Benefits of Having a Professional Laundry Service Provider

Hiring services for daily chores such as mowing lawn, cleaning windows, washing cars, etc. is common practice these days. It makes sense to hire professionals. They know what they’re doing. Even using professional laundry services is becoming a common trend among the busy people of America with over 33,000 businesses in this segment. Below are the benefits of hiring professional laundry service providers:

Saves time:

With fast pace of life, people don’t have the time to do multiple loads of laundry every week. Especially those with big families have massive piles of clothes every week.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average American spends half an hour per day doing laundry. That’s 6.5 hours a week! Hiring a professional laundry service saves a lot of time. They have big machines that have up to 600 kg capacity. They can wash more than 10 times the amount of clothes in a single load than it would take a domestic machine. You can also maintain a regular schedule with them which means you don’t have to waste time trying to juggle other responsibilities.

Affordable service:

When you compile the cost of doing laundry at home, there are a lot of things to consider. The expenses of buying and maintaining the washing machine, detergents, fabric-softeners, bleach, etc. Then you include the cost of energy used and the water bills and you realize that it all adds up to quite an expensive chore. Comparatively, most professional laundry services now offer affordable weekly charges.

 laundry services

Professionals at work:

The people working in professional laundry services are skilled workers who have been trained. They are better at understanding the quality of the fabrics and the needs of each piece of cloth. They are also fast and give out consistent results. Furthermore, they are experts when it comes to tackling stains. People usually struggle with removing stains and often damage garments in the process.

Eco Friendly:

Hiring a professional laundry service is also a smart choice to conserve energy. An average load of washing uses around 15 gallons of water plus electricity. A laundry service can fit a lot of clothes in a single load which saves a lot of water and energy. Also, there is a rise in environmentally-friendly organic dry cleaners that use biodegradable detergents and solvents which are not harmful when they are disposed of.


In the fast-paced society of America, the hassle of doing laundry can be too much. With each new item of dirty laundry, the pile keeps getting bigger. With professional laundry, you can just schedule a regular pickup and drop off days and never fall behind on your laundry. Many professionals also offer other services such as alterations, ironing and pressing, and custom fittings which can be handy.

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