Technology has Changed Laundry and Cleaning Business: Here’s how!

Technology has transformed every single business on the face of the planet—and commercial laundry services are no different. The breadth of its contributions includes everything from enhancing efficiency to improving quality of service.


In this blog, we’re going to look at revolutionary trends that are changing business models¸ customer experience, and the way laundry is done, even if their nationwide implementation is still a few years away. Let’s take a look.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A lot happens behind the scenes in a laundry business. Managing every process efficiently can be a challenge for managers; they have to keep track of every item, catalog it, follow care instructions, ensure a proper cleaning method, and so much more.

With IoT, the process becomes less complex and hectic, as advanced technology can track, analyze, and report all important information without manual help.

Companies have already started using this technology, to tag items based on materials or traits to streamline all operations.

Smart Laundry Equipment

Manufacturing efficiency has reduced the size of equipment, allowing machines to fit in even the most limited spaces by nesting or stacking them.

But the real progress lies in the reduction of waste due to smart technology. Water and energy efficient equipment are paving the way for green-centered initiatives that tackle waste and minimize the impact on the environment.

Apart from washing equipment, dryers have posed huge problems historically, as they often over-dry, leaving the texture and fabric of clothes damaged. New technology enables automatic temperature and moisture level adjustments, as well as the time of a cycle, improving the bottom line in terms of gas, energy, and labor resources.

Smart technology also saves time, as washers and dryers don’t over-run.


RFID Technology

Radio frequency identification refers to digitally coding information in smart labels that help keep track of the items efficiently. With special software, RFID readers detect the type of clothing—among other factors—minimizing the risk of loss or unnecessary damage.

Green Initiatives

Industrial and commercial laundry are responsible for a significant harmful impact on the environment, land, water, and human health. Carcinogens and toxic chemicals in detergents have greener alternatives in the form of natural and organic detergents that reduce the carbon footprint.

Research and advancement on the manufacturing level has made this possible. As customers start to care about the environment, they’re actively seeking companies that use natural products. At NY Organic Dry Cleaners we pride ourselves on using only organic and natural products that don’t contaminate the water or ecosystem.

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