Keeping Your Clothes Alive and Happy!

The latest data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the average American has a yearly income of $73,573 before taxes. Of this, an average of $1800 was spent on clothing and pertinent services related to it. With that much being spent on garments alone, a little maintenance and care can go a long way in making the investment long-lasting and worth the money.

The fact that the right care extends the life of your clothing is no secret; it’s been proven by research. If you’ve just entered adulthood and are a laundry virgin who can no longer afford to be irresponsible, we’ve put together a list of basic dos and don’ts to help you care better for your clothing.

Take Care of Stains

Immediately scrubbing stains will not only effectively remove them, but will also not allow them to leave a smell if it’s something like paint or food. If unattended, stains can embed themselves into the fabric and are much harder to remove as a result. Couple that with the fact that aggressive scrubbing will damage the quality and delicacy of the fabric, and it’s pretty evident that you need to start treating all stains right away.

Wash on Time

Being an adult is hard. A full time job, keeping social appointments, getting your beauty sleep, taking care of family, and then doing house chores—there’s never any time to waste. We’ve all been guilty of letting laundry pile up in the hope of doing it on the weekend or after two weeks to save time.

If you’re doing this, you’re wearing out your clothing, so our advice is to wash small loads every two or three days rather than waiting a whole week. This will not only save you from a long, tiring day, but will also ensure that you’re never out of clean clothes.

Air Dry

Using natural sunlight and air to dry clothes rather than putting them in a dryer is better for your clothing, the environment, and not to mention, your electricity bill.

Use Quality Detergents

A good detergent will remove stains and keep the delicacy of the fabric intact, as opposed to a low-quality detergent. Quality detergents are pricey, but so are your clothes. An expensive dress needs n expensive treatment, and that’s just the way it is.

Dry and Fold on Time

All washed items need to be put back in the proper place or hanged in a wardrobe without delay. Timely management will keep the fabric fresh and prevent the unnecessary wrinkles that come from days of piling.


Don’t Over Wash

Most people think that washing after a single wear will keep the article of clothing new. This isn’t true, though. Every time you expose the garments to water and detergent, they lose their original color and shine.

Don’t Store In Damp Places

Your clothing will catch a smell if it’s not being stored in a cool and dry place. Check your cupboards, storage and wardrobe for any mold or dust before putting clothes in there

Keep Rotating

Don’t leave old clothes stored in one place for too long. If an item has outlived its usefulness, repurpose it or donate it, since it’s not serving its purpose anymore.


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