Dry Cleaning is Actually Wet

Dry cleaning is actually a misnomer since it involves using a liquid solvent to remove the stains and soil from your clothing. The process dates back to Ancient Rome when ammonia was used to clean the woolen togas, but it has since then evolved a lot. The modern shirt laundry services in New York City have changed a lot in recent centuries.

What is Green Dry Cleaning?

Recently, the EPA started campaigning against the use of perchloroethylene (perc) to clean clothing. The chlorine-based solvent was considered harmful to the environment. That was when strides were taken to find safer, friendlier options in dry cleaning. That was where Green Dry Cleaning came about.

Green Dry Cleaning is an alternative dry cleaning method that doesn’t use harsh solvents like perc. One method is a gentler version of home laundering that used water. Other green methods include using solvents made from hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, or silicon-based cleaners. Wet cleaning and liquid carbon dioxide are considered the most environmentally-friendly cleaning option.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning involves using specialized detergents that are milder compared to home laundry products. Wet cleaners use computerized washers and dryers to clean the clothes, as well as professional steaming, pressing, and finishing. This method is considered the safest dry cleaning method according to the EPA since there are no hazardous chemicals used in the process. It produces no air pollution, hazardous waste, and reduces the risk of soil or water contamination.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Dry Cleaning

The CO2 is a nontoxic and nonflammable gas which is even used in soft drinks to provide carbonation. Carbon dioxide cleaning involves using liquid CO2 with detergent to clean the clothes. Clothes are placed in traditional style machines, and all the ambient air is sucked out. The cleaning drum is then filled with carbon dioxide liquid and gas to clean the clothes. After the clothes are cleaning, the CO2 can be reused.

This is environmentally friendly since CO2 is a by-product of the industrial process and should be reduced anyway so that temperatures don’t rise. Shirt laundry services in New York City through carbon dioxide dry cleaning have a low impact on the environment since less than 3% gas is lost in the air. It even uses less energy than other methods since there is no solvent to heat. The process is also inexpensive since CO2 is a naturally occurring element and is easily available.

It is better to pick environmentally friendly options like NY Organic Dry Cleaning since they expertly clean clothes in a safe way.