6 Steps to Prepare Your Clothes for Dry Cleaning

There are always some fabrics that require specialized care. Items like beddings, jackets, suits, etc. need TLC which prompts a visit to the dry cleaners. However, before taking your clothes there, some prep work needs to be done.

Although the system is easy, following these simple steps will ensure the best care for your fabrics:

Select with care:

This means reading laundry tags carefully to make sure they are safe for dry cleaning. Also make sure you can’t simply put them in laundry. Following instructions on such label is the best way to determine the suitable way to get your clothes cleaned.

Prep the clothes:

Mark any stains that you think will have to be removed first. If you can inform dry cleaners about the type of stain, coffee, wine, etc. it’ll be much easier for them to remove it. If you have a number of clothes to be cleaned, bag and tag them separately for better results.

dry-cleaning service

Double check the pockets!

Over time, pockets accumulate a lot of stuff. Even though every dry-cleaning service checks pockets, make sure you remove anything of significant to ensure it isn’t overlooked. Some objects like gum, or ink pens can be disastrous when left in clothes. If you leave cash in pockets, it is very likely to be shredded in the commercial washing achiness, so double check those pockets!

Time it right:

Once you decide certain clothes need to be dry-cleaned, don’t delay the process. Stains become difficult to remove with time. Also make sure to leave plenty of time before you need those clothes again in case of any unexpected delays.

Be specific:

When dropping off clothes, communicate your requirements clearly. If there is a button loose, or a zipper broken, let the dry cleaners know so they’ll be extra careful with your clothing. Some companies offer alterations as well, which can be convenient for such pieces.

Choose the right laundry service provider:

Before deciding to use a company, make sure you read online reviews. Also look for companies that use organic solvents which do not damage fibers of special care clothing. It’s always a good option to go with a company that offers free pick up and drop offs. This can save you the hassle of lugging your laundry bags to and from the dry cleaners.

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