7 Tips to Have Your Clothes Altered to the Best Fit

Clothes Alteration

If you’re a person with a perfectly proportionate body, you’ve probably never felt the need to have your clothes altered, but shopping for clothes isn’t so easy for everyone.

People who’re short usually have to have their trousers hemmed, their sleeves shortened. People who’re very thin ask for their clothes to be taken in by a couple of inches so they can fit better.

Whatever the case may be, the following tips will ensure that your outfits are altered to best fit:

1) Begin with a clothing that is close to your size

Don’t worry if you don’t fit into standard clothing sizes – you aren’t alone. Buy clothes that are as close to your size as possible. If you’re in between two sizes, go for the bigger size as it is easier to take in clothes than it is to take them out. Plus, most clothes have an allowance of a couple of inches so they can only go up a size or two.

2) Don’t buy clothes that are too large

Avoid purchasing clothes that are much bigger than your size because the entire item will have to be taken apart and remade according to your size. It’s expensive, time-consuming and just inefficient.

Oversized clothes altered

3) Ask for measurements when buying used clothes online

Sites for vintage clothing and eBay are great places to find unique clothing at affordable prices but unlike regular clothing outlets, they don’t provide you with specific measurements for clothes. Because online photos aren’t the best representation of clothes, ask the owner to send measurements.

4) Ask for appointments

Some complex clothing items will require more detailed fittings. Ask for an appointment to meet the tailor so they can determine exactly what needs to be done while you’re wearing the outfit.

5) Be conscious of any changes in your size

Pregnancy calls for adjustments in your outfits. Your body grows more around the belly and hips than it does in other areas. Let your tailor know in advance so they can adjust your clothes accordingly.

6) Take your undergarments to your fittings

Your undergarments affect how your outfits fall against your body so it’s important to take them with you to your fittings. Also, your tailor can recommend what types of undergarments are most suitable for your dress.

7) Look for reputable tailors

When you’ve spent so much on a chic dress or an elegant suit, don’t let your money go to waste by using a cheap tailor. High-priced tailors are skilled experts who know their craft well, they’re well aware of the characteristics of fabrics and can make informed decisions about how clothing needs to be cut.

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