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Peter F.

NY Organic Dry Cleaners are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I came in at 9 in the morning and was attended by a polite and courteous lady named Jenny. It was my first time in the shop so they offered me a 10$ discount! Also, Jenny fixed the button on my blazer for free. I was completely blown away by their level of service. I had stains in my clothes for over two months and these wonderful people successfully removed them like magic. Highly recommend them especially if it’s your first time trying them since you can also get a nice discount. Kudos to NY Organic Dry CleanersI will definitely be using them again!

Marlene M.

This is the best dry cleaning service in Queens! No kidding.
I came here yesterday and because i am a new customer i got $10 off !! So instead of $27 i paid only $17!!! Wow!
Also they gave me free collar stick for my shirts and now i dont have to worry about curly collars anymore ! Definitely will use and reccomend !
And now they have a new promotion – bring a friend and get $15 free and your friend will get $10 free too!!! Thank you again and good luck!

Timur T.

One of the best dry cleaners near me.
I used them 4 times already and they are always on top of their free pick-up and delivery service.
I do laundry usually but, with them and their cheap prices I started using dry cleaning as well. Good job guys!

Daniel A.

They were very accommodating to my schedule, came to pick up my clothes sooner than what i scheduled, and dropped it off sooner because i wasn’t available for the time i originally set. The clothes were well packed, clean and smelled great! will definitely be using them again.

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